Dancing with the Stews West Coast has Started!

Dancing with the Stews West Coast has Started!

The Show has started in Southern California! Our Flight Attendants and their professional dance partners are training for our 4th Annual 2016 “Dancing With the Stews” fundraiser!


Joining us this year:

The Marvin Glover Band


 Artist and humanitarian Milica Kennedy Kastner will be presented with Friends of Fresh and Green Academy’s highest honor,

The Emissary of Excellence Award

In association with Sea Sand Entertainment

Join our dancers:

Lam Nguyen & Jeff White
Jutem Lee & Ron Wild
Brian Nguyen & Merle Morgan

Mark the Date: May 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM Mark the Place: Dance Revolution – 6626 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406 (map below) The evening’s festivities include a VIP Reception, silent auction, a Dance Showcase and live music with…


    Tickets can be purchased in advance online for $85 General Admission and $200 VIP ($175 before May 3rd), which includes a very special Reception before the show and front row table seating.

Dancing with the Stews West Coast

Become a Dancing Sensation on the stage in Southern California!
We are looking for Flight Attendant dancers (pilots welcome too) for our 4th Annual 2016 “Dancing With the Stews” fundraiser!
No dance experience necessary!

Have you ever watched that popular TV show and said “I wish I could do that”? Well now you can! Sign up below for a chance to be part of Dancing With the Stews 2016! This is just a preliminary sign-up so if you think you may be interested, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below for more information.
For a look at last year’s event, visit our You Tube Channel.

Finalists will receive:

  • 10 hours of dance instruction with a champion Ballroom/Latin dancer
  • a pair of professional dance shoes
  • use of a professional gown or dance outfit provided by a top dance wear designer
  • that good feeling you get when you help make a difference in a child’s life (you will create your own fundraising page that will count towards your final score so you will have an opportunity to get your friends and family involved) and…
  • a chance to win the Dancing Stew Champion Mirror ball trophy and claim the title Dancing Stew Champion 2016!

Sign up today and get ready to have fun and make a difference!

With Your Help, These Children Can Change the World!

With Your Help, These Children Can Change the World!

Our Child Sponsorship Program plays a crucial part in the over all funding of the school. Every child receives three nutritious meals a day, one uniform, (hopefully two in the near future) pens, pencils, lesson books, note books, clean water to take home to their families, and periodic medical care, all for free because of your donations. They also learn and play in a safe and loving environment, they do not all have at home.

To provide these things and pay rent, utilities, and teachers salaries now costs close to $12,000 USD a month, with the food costing approximately $7,000. We also feed the mothers from the Cooperative, teachers, staff and volunteers.

With a recommended $35 monthly donation we are able to continue to help the children and their mothers.

Although the money raised helps all the children, we will pair you with one of our 182 students, update you periodically on his or her progress and send letters or cards from your student. We make periodic trips to the school, and are happy to bring any correspondence to your student you would like.

Fresh and Green Academy, only through your generosity, is saving lives and changing the world.

Thank you!

Sponsor a Child Today

Meet Founder and Director of Fresh and Green Academy, Muday Mitiku


Muday – The Heart and Soul of Fresh and Green Academy

Friends of Fresh and Green Academy was inspired by the Fresh and Green Academy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, a school founded 12 years ago by a local Ethiopian teacher, Muday Mitiku.  Friends of Fresh and Green helps support the children of the academy with funds for food, education, and a safe environment so Muday can continue the school and its crucial work within the larger community.

Muday was born an only child in Kasanchis, Addis Ababa.  She was enrolled in a private school from kindergarten and continued there until the sixth grade, after which she enrolled in government school; Garji. She has been a member of the Baha’i religion from the age of nine and started teaching children at the Baha’i center when she was fifteen.

Muday started her secondary education at Bole Medaham then joined a teachers college; B.G.K. in 1999 for a diploma in teaching and later pursued Business Management at City College.

Muday’s teaching and business training, as well as her experience teaching at the Baha’i center, motivated her to open her own learning institution.  She started Fresh and Green as a “for profit” kindergarten in 2000 with a business partner. When she started to bring in kids off the streets, free of charge, the school lost money. Muday soon partnered with Friends of Fresh and Green Academy and, with hard work, dedication, and help from many generous donors, the school has since become a beacon of hope for the community.

Today, with help from many people, Fresh and Green Academy is providing 125 in-need children with education and nutrition. Along with the government required curriculum, the students enjoy classes in Art, Music, English, Computers, and Values and Morals. The children and their families are now drinking clean water as well.

Muday is a friend, wife, mother, and visionary.  Her passion has become our passion and Muday’s dream has become our dream. Together we all can make a difference in the world.

Support Fresh and Green Academy by Sponsoring a Child

Monetary donations are a crucial part of the existence of Fresh and Green Academy and the “Child Sponsorship Program” helps guarantee the school will operate and the children will be fed. Every month barely enough money is sent to cover the costs of teachers salaries, food and rent. With your generous donations all the children will receive three meals a day and a quality education.

Approximate monthly school expenses:



Mothers Coop Salaries-$1000.00 (From the sales of their goods)

Food for 140 children three times a day-$3000.00

For $35.00 a month, the price of a dinner out, you will help all 140 students of Fresh and Green Academy eat three nutritious meals a day, have access to medical care, and continue to thrive in a loving and caring learning environment.  You will receive periodic updates on the specific child you have sponsored but will be helping all the children.

Use the “Sponsor A Student” link to start helping today!


Fresh and Green Academy: An Oasis for Our Students

The students who attend Fresh and Green Academy live in poverty that is unimaginable for most of our visitors. Even those who have been to impoverished areas and who have familiarity with life in the Third World are sobered by the reality of the challenging situation they find when they visit a student’s home.

     Bogale Kumela is a first-grader at Fresh and Green, along with his brother, Wakigra. He lives with his eight siblings and two parents in a six-by-six foot “apartment.” In this tiny space, eleven people live, eat, sleep, and cook. There is no electricity or plumbing. The floor is rocky dirt, and the tin roof does not keep the rain out.
     Approaching Bogale’s home, the driver has to stop on the main road. It’s too bumpy to continue. On the left side of the road are what looks like rows and rows of henhouses, corrugated tin shacks about 12 feet wide by sixty feet long. Each building is divided into ten “apartments,” each housing a large family like Bogale’s. The path between each set of buildings is about four feet wide and serves as both sewer and entry way.
     In order to reach the buildings one must cross over a rushing culvert on a rickety bridge with no railings. The bridge is not made out of boards, it is rounded tree branches wedged in together with maybe one or two screws to hold it together. In the rainy season, the slick bark of the branches makes the crossing seem perilous, and yet it is the only way for the residents to access their home.
     Bogale’s mother, Arakash, does not participate in the Mother’s Cooperative. She spends her days combing Addis Ababa’s meager trash piles in order to find food and items to sell. And Bogale has an older brother, Fakahdu, who has cerebral palsy. Whenever possible, Arakash takes him along, but sometimes she must lock him in their apartment because he cannot navigate the rocky roads she must travel to scavenge. Bogale’s other siblings beg for food. Sadly, Bogale’s father does not contribute much to the family’s income. He drinks with whatever money he brings in by begging.
     Bogale and Wakigra walk an hour-and-a-half each way to attend school at Fresh and Green, where they are fed three nutritious meals a day and an outstanding education that will help them stop the vicious cycle of poverty into which they were born.
     Fresh and Green Academy is truly an oasis, a life-enriching and beautiful place for our students to come every day. Your donations make this possible. Thank you for visiting the site, and if you are so inclined, make a donation so that together, we may continue to make a difference in a world so very, very different from our own.