Kathleen and Ethiopian Mothers

One of my most profound memories of the trip came at the end of the fourth day. I had been working with the mothers to develop some new jewelry pieces to take back and sell in the United States.

The children had finished their third and last meal of the day and it was growing dark. Time to go home. But first, said Muday, we will pray. Eva, a volunteer on her second visit to Fresh and Green explained to me that the mothers give a prayer of thanks every day after working at the school.

We stood in a circle, the mothers, Muday and five volunteers. The majority of the mothers observe orthodox Christianity, and in unison recited their prayer. Amina, the only Moslem, spoke her prayer softly but clearly. Muday, a Bahai’i, said her prayer of thanks.

And then, one by one, each of us added something in English: a Catholic prayer, a Jewish prayer, a prayer to the Great Mother Earth. Taking part in this circle of gratitude was one of the greatest gifts I received from my trip to Fresh and Green.

–Submitted by Kathleen Murphy Vilicich, Vice President, Friends of Fresh and Green, Inc.