Michael Gathmann


On May 28,, 2009,  I had the pleasure of being able to visit the Fresh & Green Academy. It was my new hobby, geocaching, that brought the academy to my attention. Working for an airline, like the founders of this site, I do travel a lot, and as my flight took me to Addis, I decided not to miss this chance.

It was a very touching visit and experience. We (another crewmember accompanied me) were very impressed by what we saw and learned. We did miss the most important part, as May 28 was a public holiday, therefore the kids weren’t there, but Muday showed us the place, answered all our questions, and invited us to the coffee ceremony.

We felt very warm and welcome. I concider myself a new friend of the Fresh & Green Academy, will be happy to support with occacional donations, and will use my next Addis-Flight to bring along some useful things.

As Carlos Santana would say: “Peace, Light, Love and Joy” to everyone involved!!