Board of Directors

Trish Hack-Rubinstein – Founder and President

Trish grew up in Las Vegas, NV, has lived in many places throughout the US including 18 years in New York City and now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has been a flight attendant for over 30 years and has taken part in numerous volunteer projects from summer camps for troubled teens to soup kitchens.

On a life-changing trip to Fresh and Green Academy in 2008, the school was in transition and dangerously low on funding. Trish saw the need for her help and expertise. Upon her return to the United States, she helped found Friends of Fresh and Green, Inc. As President and co-founder, Trish travels to the Academy several times a year and is the cornerstone of the organization. Thanks to her efforts, the school and Mothers’ Cooperative continue to thrive.

“I have  been so very blessed with amazing family, friends, and experiences.  I feel it is my purpose in life to help where I can, and after being with the children of Fresh and Green Academy, I know it is my calling to do all I can to help them.”


Gregg D. Rubinstein - Secretary

Gregg D. Rubinstein – Executive Officer

Gregg Rubinstein, D.C.,  grew up in a suburb of New York City and received his bachelor of science degree from the State University of New York at Albany, and is now a chiropractor with a thriving practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Rubinstein spent much of his youth as a volunteer for United Synagogue Youth, and continues to donate his time and talents to helping various charitable causes in Manhattan. His business expertise and his philanthropic philosophy have been a boon to the organization.

He has visited the Academy and provided free chiropractic care to the students and their family members. “Trish’s enthusiasm for Fresh and Green is inspiring. I have been privileged to visit the school myself and am grateful to be a part of the organization.”

Sosina Mulugeta Gebreyesus – Executive Officer

Sosina is originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.  She has lived in the States for the past 24 years pursuing a career as an accountant, primarily in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area.

Despite living in the largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia, Sosina’s sincere desire to give back to the children in Ethiopia went largely unfulfilled.  It was upon relocation to NY and exposure to Tadias Magazine’s feature on Friends of Fresh and Green Academy that she saw a promising ray of light. Sosina’s first meeting with Trish yielded an instant and lasting connection, forging a relationship of purpose and passion.

“On June 13th 2012 when I was asked to join the Board my dream came true.  Even though I haven’t yet met the children of FoFaGA and Muday (the Director) in spirit I am with them every day.   Together we will shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders of Ethiopia.”

Advisory Board

Dana Burnell

Todd Jarvis

John Winter

Jo Ann Wood