Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2010 April 16th-April 23rd

March 17, 2010–New York, New York- We are finalizing the plans for the Spring 2010 trip to Fresh and Green Academy and it looks like we are going to have a great group. Our plans are to leave the US on the 16th which will get us to Ethiopia on the 17th and to depart Addis on the 23rd. Of course we will need to remain flexible because the majority of us will be flying stand by. It looks like we may be going through Amsterdam or London-Heathrow on Continental on the way over and then possibly KLM Airlines to Addis. When we get closer to the date, Trish will let you know the exact route and send you copies of the pass you should get. For those of you buying a ticket, just let Trish know when you will arrive in Addis Ababa and someone will pick you up.
A big part of this trip is to bring supplies to the school so everyone who can will be required to bring a carry-on bag only, so we can each check two 50 -lb duffle bags. We will be staying in the Green Valley Hotel which is a small guest house with a bar and restaurant. The rooms run about $25 a night for a single. Meals run about $20 a day and we will hire a driver for the week which should be about $200-$300 for the week.
The only required vaccination is Yellow Fever but you may also want to consider getting Typhoid, Hepatitis, Meningitis (highly recommended) and Tetanus. It is recommend that you get these shots a month prior to leaving. You may also visit the CDC website for more info and  go to the travel page
Another note before you make your decision to join us. The altitude is a little on the high side (about 8300 feet) and it can be very dusty and dirty so if you have respiratory problems you may want to some research and check with your doctor before committing.
This are just  introductory thoughts, Trish will send more detailed information to the committed volunteers, but feel free to contact Trish if you have any questions.

UN Secretary General Arrives in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, January 30, 2010 (Addis Ababa) – United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia late on Friday in order to attend the 14th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU).

Upon arrival at the Addis Ababa International Airport, Science and Technology Minister Junedin Sado made warm welcome to the UN  Secretary General. The Session opened on 31 Jan. 2010 under a theme “Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Africa:  Challenges and Opportunities for Development”.

More than 4, 000 guests attended the session including 40 African heads of state and government, the Current European Union President, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick as well as representatives of international organizations.