Once again, the “Proud Bird Runners”, two teams of 12 Pilots and Flight Attendants ran the Reach the Beach  (200 miles in 24 hours) relay. The weather was cold, windy, rainy, warm, sunny and dark (when running at 2 am). We all had a great time with no major injuries to report and raised $700 for the children of Fresh and Green Academy. This race is always fantastic and not only do we learn a great deal about each other from spending 27 hours together in the standard white van, but we learn how strong we are ourselves.

I personally use the strength I have seen from the people of Ethiopia to keep my heart and mind strong when my body no longer wants to preform.

A special “Thank You” goes out to team captain Bill Davis, for his tireless dedication to our team. Without him, we all would just be running astray.

Proud Bird Runners Race for the Children

You can still donate on behalf of the “Proud Bird Runners”.  It only takes a little to do a lot.

Thank you all.