The Friends of Fresh and Green Academy, announces the launch of its brand new online shop called; “Mothers Cooperative”.

This new shop, headed under the brand title “Fashion Feeds Ethiopia” offers its’ visitors the opportunity to buy hand woven items made by members of the “Mothers Cooperative” at the Fresh and Green Academy, (a school for impoverished children in Ethiopia).

Every item sold helps the women provide food for their families.

The women grew up in small villages, in the 1980’s, a time of great famine in Ethiopia. Seeking a better life, most moved to Addis Ababa in their early teens. But there was no work, no food and faced with limited choices, some turned to prostitution as a way of survival. Most got pregnant, and most got HIV.

Through the Fresh and Green Academy they have been given back their dignity via the sales of jewelry and craft items. The money enables the mothers to afford food for themselves and their children. Most importantly, they are now able to qualify for life-saving anti-retro viral medicine that has turned AIDS from a fatal to a manageable disease.

To find out more about Fresh and Greens’ “Mothers Cooperative Shop” be sure go to: